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Massage is emotionally, mentally, and physically healing. Massage is medically proven to calm, relieve tension and also stimulate circulation. Massage is known to help eliminate toxins and restore health and tonicity to skin and muscles.
Chair Massage
15 minutes for $15
A Chair Massage releases stress along with neck and shoulder tension.
Swedish Stress Relief Massage...Unwind
30 minutes for $45
60 minutes for $60
90 minutes for $75
This is a soothing and relaxing full-body massage to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. It will assist your body in release of toxins and metabolic waste. You will feel mentally uplifted and physically tranquil for many days after your massage.
Aromatherapy Massage...Soothe
30 minutes for $45
60 minutes for $60
90 minutes for $75
This is a soothing and relaxing full-body massage that incorporates the healing qualities of essential oils. Based on research, essential oils have a multitude of properties such as helping to bring physiological balance, as well as, initiate and assist regeneration in the body's vital processes. Choose one of our essential oil blends to bring a greater sense of well being to your life.
Deep Tissue Massage...Rehabilitate
30 minutes for $50
60 minutes for $70
90 minutes for $85
A deep massage can help alleviate intense muscular tension and pain. It is often rehabilitating and may even relieve headaches, eye & sinus problems, back and neck pain, sciatic issues and muscular fatigue.
Mother-to-Be Massage...Serenity
30 minutes for $45
60 minutes for $60
90 minutes for $75
For all trimesters. Carefully personalized.
Heated Stone Massage
60 minutes for $80
90 minutes for $100
The massage therapist uses hot, polished river stones to work peace deep in muscles and relieve the mind. Instantly stress vanishes.
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
60 minutes for $80
90 minutes for $100
The massage therapist uses hot salt crystals taken from the Himalayan Mountain Range to promote deep relaxation. This massage exfoliates & detoxifies your skin & body. The salt stones are also beneficial for Eczema, oily skin & Psoriasis.
Tech-Neck Massage
30 minutes for $45
The massage for those who have had a hard day at the office. This massage focuses primarily on releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and arms. A great way to end a stressful work day.
15 minutes for $15
30 minutes for $30
An asian approach. Our therapists will work with the meridians and pressure points of the hands or feet. Can be also used with warm stones.
Soyaffin Gloves
 Treat your hands to the relaxing heated moisture therapy using all natural Soyaffin- a blend of soy serum, beeswax, and shea butter. Aids with circulation, healing, aches and pains, and skin moisture. Add on to a manicure or a massage.
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To ensure prompt service appointments are always desirable but walk-ins are gladly accepted. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.
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